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Palomar Commercial specializes in representing owner-occupant and investor buyers of commercial real estate as well as industrial and office tenants in San Diego County Acquiring commercial real estate, whether by purchase or leasehold agreement, is a significant move both financially and logistically. To achieve the best results you need to have a thorough understanding of both your own requirements and the marketplace itself. To best serve our clients, the first step in the process of working together is to fully understand their objectives. By conducting an informal “interview” of our clients, it enables us to learn exactly what their needs are. This process typically helps our clients to think through issues related to their building acquisition that they may not have considered. You bring your unique requirements to the conversation and we bring our knowledge of the market and ideas of what is possible based on all of the problems and solutions we have encountered in the past.


Once your objectives are clearly identified and understood, we can then work on locating the best building with the most favorable terms. Part of this process includes:


  • Providing the best and most accurate data in the market to you so that you become an expert in the market at the time you make your real estate purchase or lease decision. By having a thorough understanding of market dynamics, you can confidently pursue buildings with an understanding of their true market value at the time.

  • Locating all properties that could possibly fit the requirement. This includes on market properties that are being marketed as well as off market properties. We maintain strong relationships with property owners, other brokers and real estate related service providers. Through this network of contacts that has been built over time, we can often locate properties that are not publicly available. The more selection you have, the better your odds of success.

  • Financial analysis. By taking apart the building options and comparing the net cost (for leases) or the shell building value plus added improvements plus excess land (or minus for buildings that are over-built on the lot) you are able to compare your options on a direct basis. Since buildings and lease proposals are rarely directly comparable, this financial analysis is necessary to determine the true value or cost of a building purchase or lease negotiation.

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