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Palomar Commercial (PC) specializes in representing owners of industrial and office buildings in the sale and leasing of their properties.


Locating a tenant or buyer for a building in the shortest period of time with the most favorable terms is our goal when representing building owners. Most of the tactics to achieve this goal are relatively simple, but they must be executed consistently and with attention to detail. This is where PC is different than our competitors.


To properly market a commercial real estate building the marketing program must include:


  • Professional, attractive marketing materials that are well designed

  • Thorough understanding of the competitive buildings as well as the target market for the building

  • A comprehensive strategy for separating the building from it’s competition and reaching the target market

  • A program of calling on prospective tenant and buyers directly to make them aware of the building availability


PC maintains a database of all the tenants and building owners in the market. This proprietary information enables us to proactively market the property directly to the most likely tenants and buyers. Going above and beyond the passive marketing that all brokerage companies use (listing services, signage on the property etc), we create value for our clients by exposing the property to the widest audience. The result is that our clients know they are not missing tenant or buyer opportunities and their properties lease or sell in the shortest time frame possible.

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